Membership Type Initiation Fee Deposit Monthly Dues
Full or Tennis Family Membership $1,500 $200 $155
Full or Tennis Single Membership $1000 $200 $125
Full or Tennis Senior Family Membership (60+) $900 $100 $140
Full or Tennis Senior Membership Single (60+) $750 $100 $115
Club Single Membership (Social, Gym & Swim only) $300 $75 $60
Club Family Membership (Social, Gym & Swim only) $450 $100 $65


CLUB MEMBERS (Social, Gym & Swim)

Have full use of all facilities with the exception of tennis. Tennis is available on a space available basis during non prime-time hours only (times vary) with the payment of a guest fee for each player. Example: If you have a Club Membership and want to play tennis you can call on the same day to see if any courts are available. Each player including the Club Member will pay a $10 fee to play.

Single Memberships

Single memberships are only available to members who have no spouse.

Senior Memberships

Seniors are 60 years of age or more.

*All fees, with the exception of the refundable deposit, are subject to Texas State and Local Sales Tax.