Capital of Texas Aquatics (COTA)

Is a USA Swimming affiliated year-round competitive swim club. COTA is a member of South Texas Swimming, Inc. which is the governing body for competitive swimming in South Texas. South Texas Swimming is a Local Swimming Committee (LSC) of USA Swimming. COTA is a registered 503(c) non-profit, parent volunteer board-run team. Both parents and coaches work together to make COTA the BEST team we can be!

COTA is pleased to announce our New Masters Program. Click Here to find out all about it.

*Please visit the COTA website or email for information about registration, programs and upcoming events.

Head Coach

Ryan "Coach Chic" Ciccarelli
The University of Texas Swimming and Diving Team Member
1998-2002 (4-year full athletic scholarship)
6-time NCAA All-American in swimming
Member of 3 NCAA National Champion teams
2000 Olympic Trials participant in 3 swimming events

Groups and Practice Schedules

Age Groups A & B

Are for younger and or less experienced swimmers. This is NOT a learn to swim group. Swimmers must be able to swim 1 length of the pool without stopping. Stroke technique is what this group is about. Swimmers will learn all 4 strokes, plus starts and turns, and will gain confidence in the water as they progress. Age group swimmers will not participate in meets until the Coaching Staff feels they are ready and their strokes are legal according to USA swimming Standards.


Are generally 12 years old and under and are confident in the water. They show proficiency in all 4 strokes and will continue to work on technique as well as beginning endurance and speed. Juniors are strongly encouraged to attend the offered swim meets with the club.


Are generally 13 years old and up. They have competed in meets and continue to strive for faster times as well as improved technique. As they work on technique and endurance they also do a lot of speed work. Meet attendance is required for the Senior group.