Offers a tennis program for aspiring junior players at the beautiful Courtyard Tennis & Swim Club in Austin, Texas. Practices are designed to raise the level of all players from beginner to advanced. MAC 360 is a perfect place for high school and junior high  tennis players looking for a supplement to their school tennis programs and provide an excellent training ground for aspiring college players. We offer classes for all levels and ages, including kids who have never even held a racket! We also offer the new USTA 10 & Under tennis curriculum. The Courtyard has 14 outdoor courts and 2 indoor courts, so our program meets rain or shine! Feel free to check out the MAC360 Tennis website for more information about various programs.


MAC360's Junior Academy is split in three groups:

Time: 3:30 – 4:30 pm
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Qualifications: Approved by Staff
Price Per Month:
1 day/wk: $60
2 days/wk: $100

This program puts a player on a good path to learning the basics of tennis using the Quick Start approach.
We infuse fun with learning the fundamentals of the game.

Time: 4:30 - 6:30 pm
Days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Qualifications: Approved by Staff
Price Per Month:
1 day/wk: $100 Courtyard Member/$150 Non Member
2 days/wk: $200 Courtyard Member/$250 Non Member
3 days/wk: $250 Courtyard Member/$300 Non Member

This is our entry level competitive program. It is designed for those who are, or soon to be, involved in USA Team Tennis, a weekly citywide team event. Workouts are geared toward preparing players for their upcoming years of competitive play. Our emphasis is placed on:
- developing proper technique and spin on all fundamental strokes
- directional control and consistency
- basic court awareness
- movement/agility training
- basic singles and doubles strategy

Time: 4:30 – 6:45 pm
Days: Monday-Thursday
Qualifications: Approved by Staff Price
Per Month:
7-10 days per month: $300 Member/$350 Non Member
11+ days a month: $375 Courtyard Member/$425 Non Member

This program is designed to guide, train, and coach the upper level junior. We create a serious yet fun environment, so be prepared to laugh and work hard. In each session, we emphasize:
- directional patterns of play
- match play/pressure situations
- agility training and conditioning
- mental toughness training
- the players individual needs through goal setting
In addition, we travel to designated tournaments to provide coaching and feed back.